Friday, November 20, 2009

Artist Book of the Hat of Dr. Suess

Dr. Suess, yes the famous Dr. Suess known for his crazy illustrations and children's books. In addition to that he created numerous prints and sculptures even. Currently there is a gallery on nicollet mall that is featuring him.

For my project the container will be a recreation of the hat from "The Cat in the Hat," this is because it is one of the most recognizable object of Dr.Suess's books.

The hat itself will be created by a metal-wire skeleton and material. The top of the hat in the picture will hold the actual pages of the book, while the bottom will hold cubes that resemble alphabet cubes (from when we were children), that will be engraved with illustrations of Suess. One cube will illustrate one story.
On top of this each stripe on the hat can folded over to showcase a print.