Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wedding designs, Formal designs, who cares? Me!

Alright for those that do not know, I personally love to design formal gowns and this passion came from seeing dresses from several designers, including the amazing Pnina Tornai. Her dresses are featured on "Say Yes to the Dress" on TLC, which is a show based on brides looking for that "O so perfect" wedding gown at Klienfelds.

Tornai's dresses are based on a certain sexual appeal, mixed with sparkle and shine, with a feminine feel; while they also come with a high price tag, one many of us can not afford. Tornai's own website ( says that the "dresses are hand made... with the principle of Haute Coture."(par 2)

There are two dresses that have won my heart over from the 2009 series. Here is the first dress.

It is from

This sweet heart design is based on the mermaid aesthetic, while using a textured material to give it the gentle and vulnerable touch. It is unusual that there is nothing sparkling on the gown, but this could be because it is not in front of us. The sexual appeal in this specific gown is not created through the lack of clothing, but through clothing. The gown itself contours to the figure, while creating an hour glass shape. What brings this gown over the edge is its simplicity, with the one bow at the hip and the small train.

The other dress that won me over is this dress:

It is from

In this dress, many can say it is what they expected from Tornai, in the fact it is bringing wedding dresses to its limits without it being costume like. There is the sexy corset full of (what seems to be) gems, that outlines the top of the breasts in a curvilinear form and is sprinkled throughout. The corset shows the woman's curves very well and is probably tied in the back. The skirt is like a ballroom skirt that has drank three monsters and has ate a whole bag of sugar; its just out of this world. Personally I can not imagine how much fabric or time went into making this skirt. At the bottom you can see what would may have been apart of a normal ballroom skirt, but you can see all these added parts that expand and are made of tulle.

The showcase of these designs was very smart. Both are based are on darker colors where the dresses can be showcased to there best ability. The first dress is in a simplistic room, where rectangular boxes and trim are used in the background and also to possibly express space. While the simplistic room, is similar to the dress in its simplicity, since the second dress is showcased with several more elements. The second dress is showcased in a room with a darker gray color on the walls, with chocolate brown and shades of that brown on the walls; this made the walls look a bit destroyed. On the walls are several frames of a yellow-off-white (nude) and dark brown. What is interesting is that all the colors including the dresses are neutral, yet the dresses stand out. Could this be because of texture, maybe.. Ok probably...

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  1. Wow – congratulations Megan – you made me care and even… eep.. like wedding dresses. Great analysis. Very professional.