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Assigntment two- Mining the MIA

Images are from and additional information can be found at an art set created at click here to view.

Here is the example of the museum layout of the art that I would curate together. Personally what I was trying to see is what effect would occur if I put depictions of women from different cultures and times together. Afterwards I wanted to push it more by adding two focal depictions that also include men .

1st Image arts connected. As soon as an individual entered the door they would see Psych Abandoned by Augustin Pajou. This sculpture is an expressive and action filled sculpture of a nude, who is pained throughout her body language and facial expression. This being in the door sets a dark under tone upon the viewer. The dimensions are 2' 4" by 1' 1/2" by11 1/2" .

2nd Image arts connected. Although the example above is depression, the next is A Dancer Putting on Her Stock by Edgar Degas. This image is celebrating movement, while the depiction is not dealing with formality or currently identifying the figure, its like the gesture of sculpture; this is unlike the piece above which carries great proportion with the movement. When seeing the Psych Abandoned next to Degas' work a viewer could assume the show would be about feminism, a celebration of the female body, or a study of movement through the female body. The whole concept and tone is changed with this piece. Unlike the expressiveness of feelings in the piece above, this one shows very little especially since there is no face, hard movements, or strong suggestions of feeling. The dimensions are 1' 4 3/4" by 11 1/4" by 6 1/2" .

3rd Image in Arts Connect Ed. Portrait of Adele by Auguste Rodin is also a sculpture focused on emotion, movement and pose. Unlike Degas, Rodin depicted the nude with fine detail making everything smooth and descriptive. Once again the focus is movement and although the artists are different and from different times there is a unity between these first three images. Because of the way these past three sculptures of place there is that description of movement, if the 2nd sculpture had been removed there would have been a more expressed feeling; since, the way the Rodin placed the arms and head, there is the suggestion that the nude maybe crying or in anguish. Yet with the placement near the dancer we get the open feeling by seeing her chest and hips out, with the curve of her spine. Dimensions are 8" by 1' 5 5 5/8" by 7 3/4"

4th Image in artsconnected,,#40056 by Marscha Burns is a photograph, which is very different from the 3 above sculptures, but like the sculptures there is no color. Since it is a photograph, there is a huge amount of detail. This is the only 2d images giving it an importance in the set, although its placement is not in the center. While I believe that this progresses the feelings of above, while showing a placement of the nude. The details show the nude is getting ready to swim and stretching, while many of her muscles can be seen. Dimensions 8 5/8" by 5 9/16"

5th Image in artsconnected, is the Man and Women with a Cabalash. This is one of the oldest sculptures in the series, while it is from the Yuruba Tribe. The pair are moving the Cabalash (assumption that its the round object between the two), which like all the others gives a suggestion of movement. What changes is the perspective of the gallery, since this one depicts a male and is of orange color. When a viewer may have thought that the gallery was to appreciate the female it seems to appreciate movement suggested mainly through emotions, suggestion of actions and of the muscles. In scale this is one of the smallest pieces, making the importance on the piece seem different, since normally the largest pieces receive the most attention. The color of the sculpture contrasts so much to the others it would "pop." Yet the formality of the body is not as accurately depicted as the others, while there are more cultural suggestions. The cultural suggestions can allow us to place the figures like the last piece; while, we can also see there movement, which allows the audience to make similar connections that were made in #40056.Dimensions are 6" by 2 1/4".

Now I know there are extra images than the assignment of 3-5, but I would like YOU(anyone), thats right YOU(anyone), to tell me what you think these images do to the series!

The 6th image from artsconnected is Ganymede and the Eagle by Guiseppe Piamontini. Dimensions are 1' 6 1/2".

The 7th image is the Tiber Muse, while the artist is unkown. Dimensions are around 3' by 1' by 2".

The 8th image is The Figure of Bodhisattava.
Could not find the dimensions , but the scale is large, around my size in hieght and im 5'4".
This image is from flickr.

The 9th image is Eve with an Apple by Aristotlle Maillol
Dimensions are 22' 3/4" by 5" by8' 5/8"

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  1. Nice images – collection of work and amount of writing – along with inviting others to talk about the work. BIG problem again with spelling and grammar – I reminded you guys that since blogs don’t have a spell check to write in a word program and cut and paste. Usually, I don’t care about spelling – but there are so many that it’s hard to read again. So many nude women – how many of these were done by men? I do like that you looked at a few other cultures outside of just European ones… good work there. Great LAYOUT! Extra points for that.