Monday, September 28, 2009

The Midway

Surfing Through The Midway

    I went to the Midway with Sarah and had fun looking at images and depictions that I appreciated but did not really love and fully understand. Although like all art there is that one exception to the rule or belief; my exception, well it was Saul Fletcher's Untitled No.162-B.

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   Fletcher's Untitled C-Print is exciting and fun loving, with an exploding round rainbow sphere, that consumes around 2/3 of the print. On the opposing side there is a figure that wears a striped shirt and a hand in the pocket. The artist chose to feature the figure from the neck to the waist, not allowing any facial expressions to be read. Giving us a sense of mystery, what is that individual thinking? Why did the artist chose to feature the individual like that?

   This image was used twice to create the print, in the image seen above. Personally I believe balance is created through the use of the thirds rule that many photographers rely on, while the sphere is spread throughout many of the thirds created making it a main focus. Unity is created through the repetition of the shapes, especially in the sphere. But if you look closely there is unity through repetition all over, with the stripes and texture of the shirt to the many circles in the sphere .

    Untitled is made with excitement and adventure of the artist, through her use of color and exploration. Although age old concepts of form and content can be used to describe the image, there is a striking quality to the work that makes one stare .

The image for the following critique could not be found on the website so you must expierence midway to view!

   A sculpture that I could appreciate was Chiharu Shiota's Trauma. This depiction has strings are just all over; yet because of the chosen colors the figurine of the scared mother and child is still kept the main focus through the craziness. This depiction is encased in pexi glass, that Sarah is staring into.

   In this picture of the sculpture it is almost as if the figurine is terrified of Sarah. But with the image and title of the piece, I can assume that it is depicting a scene from a war, that the family is running from some one, or from the Hiroshima or Nagasaki bomb sites of the atomic bomb. If closely examined the figurine is leaning towards one way as if in movement, which is towards the viewer, engaging them. While the string is enveloping the figurine like that of a bomb or a suggestion of motion .

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