Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Spring Time for Furtsenberg

Fashion Week has just passed us by, while one of the featured designers is Diane Von Furstenberg. A highly known designer for creating the wrap-dress!

Image is from http://blog.newsok.com/fashionmatters/

Video is from youtube.com

Furstenberg is renowned for her women’s fashion, while I do not know if this piece has a name, but by looking at the piece and seeing the video, we can see beads create the dress with a undergarment.

This specific garment does not seem to create a tight fitting form, but to show and exaggerate motion. When the model walks the beads move with her motion, that allows the viewer to see an undergarment, that is the exact same color of the beads. The main color of the garment at first glace seems to be blue and black; but, when analyzed, there are blue, mustard yellow, white, and black beads that compose the garment. What is interested the model is dark colored (No, I am not being racist), this skin color creates a contrast with the blue beads. The model wears a nude gold high heels, that are the same color as the mustard beads, while flowers seem to be in her hair showing a green and yellow. The bracelets on her arms are coordinated with her dress. In the dress unity is created through continuation of form, while balance is created through the repeated colors. I believe that Furstenberg was trying to create a garment that was high class, but maybe inspired by a tribe .

Why did the artist choose to use beads, make it so focused on movement, while considering it to be a spring piece. Personally I believe that there is a huge tie to tribal dresses of native cultures that inspired Furstenberg to create this design. This belief can be seen since many native cultures rely on beads to create exquisite colors, while using that long skinny form , that Furstenberg uses at the bottom of her garment to create movement. When I was a child I got to witness the Ojibwa tribe's traditional dances, where metal pieces would create movement and chimes .

Personally I enjoy this dress because it does have the movement and the colors remind me of a blue robin, while at the same time the dress seems to highlight the model extremely well. Part of the intent of a designer is to sell their design and Furstenberg has me hooked. While the only thing I would change about this look is the flowers in the hair and the bracelets’ the model wears. While the dress still sticks to a feministic aesthetic that is used in many of her designs, compared to that of a designer who is designing for a woman in a rock band .

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